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100% Hydro-Insensitive

100% Eco-Friendly

How Does Poly Work?

Poly is a two-part hydrophobic chemical injected into the sub-soils through dime-sized holes. It then expands into foam, displacing water to fill voids under homes, and re-level pool decks, driveways and other concrete slabs.  It hardens like concrete. Poly Foam compacts the loose soils to increase the load-bearing capacity of the area. It will seal or raise concrete and stabilize it. Ready to walk or drive on Immediately!​​​​​​​

What do we mean by ​​

The foam APD uses is Hydro-insensitive because it forms high quality foam even in the presence of water.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This includes during the injection, reaction, and curing phases. Foam that fails during the injection phase will leave the surrounding water cloudy, signifying that the raw chemicals have dissolved into the water.​

The Foam we use is made in the USA!​

Our foams are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. Designed specifically for different applications, APD only uses  top-of-the-line material made 100% in the USA.

Three Step Poly Injection Process to Level Concrete

Our polyurethane foam method uses the concrete slab itself as a means of delivering poly foams that raise concrete, fill voids, and stabilize soils. A ⅝” hole is drilled through the slab into the subgrade. A tapered delivery port is installed into the ⅝” hole. The injection gun is connected to the port. The injection gun delivers the polyurethane material through the port and slab. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising concrete​.

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