Repaired sinkhole home sells for full value.

Repair your sinkhole home FREE today

Ready to sell your home but have an un-repaired sinkhole home?

It may seem like an insurmountable problem. After all, un-repaired sinkhole properties generally sell at 60% less than their original value. Furthermore, the only buyers must be cash buyers because a conventional buyer would be unable to get insurance for a traditional mortgage.

What does this look like in real numbers? Let's say your home in its original pristine condition would sell for $250,000.  However, you have an un-repaired sinkhole.  So, your home is now only worth $100,000. And, the buyer must have cash.  

In this exciting and fast paced real estate market, what can a homeowner possibly do?

Repairing the foundation of your home is a must if you want to get full value for it.  The way you can do it is to pay for the cost of repairing your home from escrow.  That's right.  You won't have any out-of-pocket expenses when selling a repaired sinkhole home if you pay for it out of escrow.

And you don't even have to have a buyer before you do it.

APD Advanced Stabilization will repair your property at no cost to you. We provide a expert repair by a Licensed Florida General Contractor.  You get

  • a Lifetime, Fully Transferable Warranty

  • a Sealed Final Engineer Report

  • a repaired sinkhole home ready to sell at full value

  • a home that is insurable and eligible for traditional financing


In other words, you can now sell your home at full-value because you have the documentation and the warranty to show that it is fully repaired and safe to insure and inhabit.  

Ready to get full value for your home?

Call APD today for a FREE Estimate to learn how you can repair your sinkhole house for zero down and sell your home for full value.  We're ready to work for you!